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(1)   Programs of Study:

Undergraduate Programs: none

Master Program: 53 full-time students and 21 part-time students.

PhD Program: as a division of the mechanical and electrical engineering PhD degree program.

(2)   Teaching and research

Mechanical related automation technology
To integrate the computer technology and mechanical design. This institute lay emphasis on the following research fields: Automatic optical inspection, Machine vision and image processing system, Intelligent robots, Design optimization, Dynamic model and simulation design, Computer aided engineering analysis, Computer aided design and manufacture, Computer aided engineering test.

Electrical and Electronic engineering related automation technology
In order to promote the technique of automation engineering design, a friendly, safety, intelligent environment between human and machine is a very important factor. To meet this requirement, the following fields are considered: Intelligent Home appliance technology, embedded real time system design, Intelligent agent technology, Intelligent network SCADA systems, Distribution system automation, Intelligent interface system (Fuzzy control, neural network system).